Is there an issue with DPF operator: result.temperature in 2023R2?

Jim Kosloski
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I get an error in 2023R2 when trying to access temperatures in a thermal analysis:

t2o = dpf.operators.result.temperature()
TEMP:10<-mapdl::rth::TEMP:11<-failed to read nodal results from the rst file

Using the same commands and same RTH file in 2024R1 works fine. Is this a known issue? Is there a workaround?



  • Ali Na
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    It probably cannot find your rth file. I use 2023R2 and works fine. Make sure that there is a "file.rth" in the solution folder.

  • Ramdane
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    @Jim Kosloski , please could you share your rth file? we had in fact fixes on reading temperatures in previous releases. a workaound was to use the raw_displacement, or force my_bool_rotate_to_global pin to false.
    If updating to a new release of Ansys unified install is heavy. A cutomer can download dpf standalone server from: Pre-Release