The package 'docker' is required to use the LocalDockerInstance class

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I am trying to reproduce the results as provided in PyAnsys Geometry 101: Plotter.

When I execute the second set of codes (Load modeling service), I am getting following error.

I already have Ansys CAD product installed. I am using Ansys 2024 R1, contains spaceClaim.

The version of PyAnsys Geometry is 0.4.11



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    Hi @Suneel!

    As stated in the description of the second block:

    Load modeling service
    Load the modeling service. While the following code uses a Docker image to interact with the modeling service, you can use any suitable method mentioned in the preceding examples.

    That specific code snippet is using a Docker image to run the example. In your case, you could substitute it with the following:

    modeler = launch_modeler("spaceclaim")