A few questions on LS Dyna Ansys workbench

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As part of my engineering studies I am exploring new plugins that are part of Ansys. I am right now trying to learn LS Dyna. I'm trying to do a collision study of a winged drone colliding with different parts of a helicopter and had a few question as how my results can be evaluated.

First question regarding contact:

I am using a manual contact region where I bond the whole drone body to a (in this case) pitch link which is part of the main rotor system of a helicopter. I have used a frictional type of contact with friction coefficient of 0.3 (just assumption, drone is made of Expanded Polypropylene foam and the pitch link is made of structural steel). This is shown in picture 1, would this be a correct way to do it?

Second question regarding results:

Does picture 2 mean that the pitch link in this case penetrates the soft foam of the winged drone and the drone gets stuck?

I am using end time of 0,001 seconds for the simulations.

Is there any more things I should include in my setup that is not there right now? (picture 3) Just wondering if anyone knows some settings that are easy to forget when doing these simulations.

Thanks to however can help me with these questions :) Please contact me if any of my questions are too vague.

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    Im adding another picture of the winged drone hitting a rear rotor blade where the contact seems kinda off when looking at the results. Have used frictional contact here aswell with 0.3 coefficient. The rotor blade is made of aluminium alloy and I do not think the drone should be "penetrating" the blade as it does in the result.

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    Hi. This forum is for questions on scripting and code development. Your questions would be better suited for https://forum.ansys.com/