Is there a way to know when a project is Duplicating in ANSYS ACT?

Nick Ramseyer
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I am currently working on an ANSYS ACT object that uses the ExtAPI.Graphics module to create persistent graphics in a model. I went to duplicate my model in the workbench project page and got a timeout error preventing the project from duplicating:

I went through the object a managed to isolate the issue to the Graphics module. Essentially the Graphics on the object get built when the object is initialized (Through the on_init callback). If I suppress this function, then the module can duplicate without issues.

Is there a way to check in code if a model is being duplicated so I can ignore the graphics generating for this scenario? I tried storing the working directory and comparing it to the new working directory, but it appears the graphics are called and cause the bug prior to the new directory being used.

On other extensions the graphics are called from "on show", but I need the graphics to initialize when the project is opened.



  • Mike.Thompson
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    @Nick Ramseyer , please submit a support request for this to ensure the defect is corrected.
    For a work around you can copy the .mechdb file for that mechanical system and then import it to the project schematic (change extension to mechdat).