ANSYS Mechanical (Version 2024 R1) doesn't open and work at all


Hello everybody,

I have been trying to get ANSYS to work since the weekend and have not been able to do so after installing it twice and all other attempts, so I am asking for your support here. I have also searched the forum for answers, but unfortunately the solutions were not helpful.

About the problem: I downloaded ANSYS and a window opened immediately afterwards (ANSYS Product Improvement Program), where I clicked on "Yes". (In other words, yes, I agree that my data can be used for research purposes etc.). I then wanted to start my task via Static Structural. After I had uploaded the geometry as a CAT part, I clicked on Model and the Mechanical opened. However, it immediately closed again with the error message that I had uploaded here as an image. I could not find a logical reason for the message.

Many thanks in advance for your help or any advice, because I'm getting desperate here.



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    @Ansysarah - The message would indicate you do not have a license for the workbench feature. I would recommend that you post in the general support forum or open a support ticket. If you are a customer and have a valid license I would definitely start with support for resolution. The developer forum is focused on scripting and dev questions so general support questions are not really answered here.