Pymechanical Setup on Linux

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Please I have a question about using pyansys on Linux HPC

from the cheat sheet for pymechanical, I can use the code below to find where
AnsysWBU.exe is located on Windows computer;

from ansys.mechanical.core import find_mechanical
wb_exe = find_mechanical(241)[0]

» Ansys Inc\v241\aisol\bin\winx64\AnsysWBU.exe

On Linux, I have tried to do the same using the code:

from ansys.mechanical.core import find_mechanical
wb_exe = find_mechanical(232)[0]

but it returns an empty string:

I have checked the folder:
/Ansys Inc/v232/aisol/bin/linx64/*

but I did not fine the AnsysWBU.exe

My question then is, is there a different way to find the .exe file, or is this file different for Linux?

I hope to run this on a Linux HPC.
Thank you in advance.