How do i integrate a new composite material to fit the data of fibre and epoxy resin i use? (ACP)

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im kind of new to working with Ansys software in general and currently simulating with Ansys Mechanical Composites Pre/Post (ACP).
Right now i have the finished setup of my simulation but need to implement the right data for the fibre and epoxy resin i use. I have seen some videos about creating a custom fibre model and epoxy resin to create a custom fabric but i wonder if there isnt a simpler way to just add my data to the engineering data library. Because i got the data sheets for my fibre and resin.
I am Using Toray T300 as fibre and Epoxy L20 with GL2 hardener.



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    Back in the day you would use CLT (classic laminate theory) to determine what the fibers/resin/angles and layup would produce for a composite material/aniso engineering properties.
    Nowadays you could use the Ansys Material Designer and get the same answer.