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Greetings Structures Simulation Enthusiasts,

I'm currently grappling with incorporating paths into my equivalent stress calculations within Ansys Mechanical scripting. Here's a snippet of my code for context:

Spannung_Pfad = Model.Analyses[0].Solution.AddEquivalentStress()
Spannung_Pfad.ScopingMethod = GeometryDefineByType.Path
Spannung_Pfad.Surface = ExtAPI.DataModel.GetObjectsByName("Pfad0")[0]

Despite having already defined all paths by name, I'm encountering challenges in successfully integrating them into the stress calculations. Even though the recording tool employs a similar approach, the surface selection doesn't seem to yield the desired results.

If anyone within the Structures community has encountered similar issues or has suggestions on potential solutions, I'd be immensely grateful for your insights.

Best regards,

Let's collaborate and troubleshoot this together within our Structures Simulation realm!