Export the positions of particles and their velocities in Rocky

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I want to do some post processing with Rocky data. I want to export the positions of the particles during the simulation and also their velocities to create gradients.
I found these codes in the manual.

This is the code for the positions:

study = app.GetStudy()
particles = study.GetParticles()
for particle in particles.IterParticles(time_step=10):
    print(particle.x, particle.y, particle.z)

# Sample output:
# (-5.833559188701166, 0.7380019118190704, 0.19294910836680973)
# (-5.1383928383823845, 0.6290253809025952, -0.14368919420973403)

and this is the code for the velocities:

particles.GetGridFunction('Absolute Translational Velocity').GetArray(time_step=10)

# Sample output:
# array([ 2.56413788,  4.46129788,  3.96977314,  3.47665254 ])

The codes work when I run them in the python shell window.
But I want to save the data as csv files and not just display it. I would also like to have the data from each time step and not only from one. And this code should be part of the PrePost Scripts, so I need to save it in a separate py-file.

Thank you :)


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    I was able to solve it with
    with open(output_file, 'w', newline='') as csvfile:
    writer.writerow([x, y, z, velocity])
    and also a for loop to save the data in the csv file.