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I want to perform a parametric study (Design of experiments) on Fin-tube heat exchanger in Fluent 2022 R22.
The study contains various geometric parameters (fin thickness, pitch, tube diameter etc) and various flow parameters (inlet velocity, wall temperature etc)
that are to be updated for each design point.

I created a parametric geometry in Design modeller. Performed meshing in Design modeller and run Simulation in fluent.

Now, how can I automate the whole process. I see that much of the info on internet revolves around changing the flow parameters but not the geometric parameters. But I want to change geometry parameters also and run the simulations automatically. Can someone help me with this?

I think it can be done using pyfluent but I do not know how to do it. I also do not have license for OptiSlang.


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    @Saketh - This would be a question better asked in the standard support forum ( as it is a general support question. This forum is meant for scripting and developer related questions.