Error with mi.update in STK 3.0

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I have STK 3.0, when I use mi.update to update an attribute of a record, I can update it in some records but not in other records even though all records are in the same folder. The records are obtained using get_record_by_id with different identities,
e.g. my_rec = [my_table.get_record_by_id(identity=123090), and go through exactly the same code segment.

Any idea how to address the different behaviors of mi.update? Are there any record properties I should change so I can update the attributes of all the records consistently? Thanks!

One of the two error messages shown below could pop up.



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    This is a known issue with Scripting Toolkit 3.0. Essentially, sometimes (but not always) a timestamp retrieved from Granta MI contains a 7th decimal place for seconds, which cannot be parsed by the built in strptime function in Python.

    The issue is fixed in v3.1+, please upgrade and let me know if you run into the same issue.