PyDPF not returning displacement at all the requested coordinates through mapping operator

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I need to map the displacement onto a set of points using the mapping operator. When I do this using the mapping.on_coordinates classes, it returns only to some points on the set of coordinates I have provided. For some of the points it does not return any value. For example, If I provide 200 points, the mapped displacement I get only 154 points.
I am using the

I am using the following code:


model = dpf.Model(rst_file)
disp = model.results.displacement.on_all_time_freqs.eval()

Seperate path spacing distance and coordinates

path_cord: array of point coordinates of size (200,3)

points = Points(path_cord)


Mapping operator

mapping_operator = ops.mapping.on_coordinates(
create_support=True )

disp_path = mapping_operator.outputs.fields_container()

disp_path_data_0 = disp_path[0].data


Here, the number of points I have provided are 200. But, in disp_path_data_0 it returns only 154 points.
Why would this happen? How to resolve this issue?