Can the Mechanical Worksheet pane be used for Mechanical ACT UserObject?

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For Ansys Mechanical, I'm looking to display tabular data to the user and allow some user interaction (adding/removing columns and rows and filling in cell values) and thought the Worksheet pane would be an appropriate UI from the user's perspective.
The data table should include headers for columns and headers for groups of columns. Each column should have a few cells with comboboxes (dropdownlist) checkboxes and cells for entering data.

Is this possible at all, and if not, what might be an alternative solution?

In case of having to create a custom GUI using Ansys.UI.Toolkit, what might be a good starting point? GridControl?


  • Pierre Thieffry
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    @Felix I think one option would be to define property tables for a custom object. Something like this:

            <propertytable name="Worksheet" caption="Non-Fixed row count" display="worksheet" control="applycancel" class="Worksheet.PropertyGroupEditor.PGEditor">
              <propertygroup name="TempOrPres" caption="TempOrPres" display="property" control="select" default="Temperature">
                <attributes options="Temperature,Pressure" />
                <property name="Temperature" caption="Temperature" unit="Temperature" control="float" visibleon="Temperature"></property>
                <property name="Pressure" caption="Pressure" unit="Pressure" control="float" visibleon="Pressure"></property>

    would result in this:

    This example is called "AdvancedProperties" and can be found in the extension examples (

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    @Pierre Thieffry Thank you for your suggstion. Is it possible to add columns (would correspond to a property with this example) dynamically?