How can I get the node/vertex coordinates for defined springs in ANSYS Mechanical using scripting?

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  • Abel Ramos
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    Hello, I think you could take the Location coordinates from reference and mobile attachments

    Something like this should help you to start:

    AllSprings = ExtAPI.DataModel.GetObjectsByType(DataModelObjectCategory.Spring)
    for spring in AllSprings:
        print("X Ref = ",spring.ReferenceXCoordinate)
        print("Y Ref = ",spring.ReferenceYCoordinate)
        print("Z Ref = ",spring.ReferenceZCoordinate)
        print("X Mob = ",spring.MobileXCoordinate)
        print("Y Mob = ",spring.MobileZCoordinate)
        print("Z Mob = ",spring.MobileYCoordinate)

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  • Erik Kostson
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    Just to add that the above script also works for direct attachments on nodes or vertices.

    Hope this helps.