DPF API in C# : Error on connecting TimeFreqSupport to hdf5dpf operator

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I am using the C# DPF API to write some code which serialises mesh and operating deflection shapes results into .h5 format. I was sent a Python script by one of your colleagues which does something similar - I am able to run this script fine without problem, with my Ansys 24R1 installation.

I hit an error when running the following C# lines

The error I get is:

It seems like the hdf5dpf operator doesn't have a TimeFreqSupport that the velocities fields container can fill in? In case it is useful these are the .dlls that are being imported, along with the environment initialisation.

I don't think it's likely to be because of my Ansys 24R1 installation, seeing as I can run the same thing using the Python API fine.

Hope you can help.

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    @Ramdane or @Paul Profizi can you assist here?

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    Hello @Fran.Rourke,

    I just checked, and for some reason the C# API does not currently allow connecting a TimeFreqSupport type to an operator input pin the way you are doing it.
    This is an issue I'll report, but in the meantime you can use this workaround:
    instead of
    please try
    "allFreqsOperator.Connect(2, velocitiesFC.TimeFreqSupport)"

    2 being the input pin number for the TimeFreqSupport, as declared in the documentation of the hdf5dpf_generate_result_file operator.