Ansys Mechanical "Post-Commands(APDL)"-like Object with ACT

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Hallo everyone,

I want to generate a "Post-Commands(APDL)"-like Object with ACT in Ansys Mechanical.
My goal: I want to call a Post-Macro written in APDL (using the stream.Write() function), which operates on the result file and generates a text-File as a result. I would pass the macro arguments based on the properties of the object defined by the user. I want to work this both when I solve the analysis (write to ds.dat) and when I evaluate while postprocessing (write to post.dat).

I've made several trials with the function/callback "getcommands", but it seams it only works if I've inserted the object prior to solving the analysis. If I have already generated the results, and then I add the post-object, I can't solve the object.

If I use the "ongenerate" callback function, the ADPL commands are written both into the ds.dat and in the post.dat, causing solving my APDL code twice. (but then ignoring the content of other "normal" Commands(APDL) objects...)

Is there a possibility to create a post-commands-like object otherwise? With which callbacks is it posible? Your help is greatly appreciated!