Is there a way to extract mode shapes of all nodes without having to export deformation files first?

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Currently, I export the deformation .txt files first and then import them back into Python to use the data. This takes time. I would love to extract them in mechanical script and then dump them in Python for direct usage.


  • av
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    Hello Collins,
    is it an option for you to write the txt-files using APDL commands first, and then operate on them using a python script?
    If it is, then you can query the displacement values with the *vget APDL command, then write it into a txt with the *vwrite APDL command. (My experience is that these functions operate very fast.)

  • Rajesh Meena
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    @Collins How about using displacement_object.InternalObject.CreateTabbedFile(r'').

    This will you content of text file directly without writing to text file. Please note that it uses InternalObejct which may change in future.