Machinery slewing and luffing

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Hi Everyone
I design machinery that both slew and luff. I plan to add a slewed position at a certain time and combine it with all the load so that all the loads on the normal position can be applied to the slewed position, too. So far, I modelled a rotational joint at the position of the slew bearing and applied rotation joint load in the solution. As expected, small deflection analysis is not accurate and large deflection analysis does not converge. As I am not interested in the moment required to slew the machine, only the final slewed position is important for me. So, I thought I could get nodal coordinates in a script and apply rotation only at a certain time and then combine with other loads. Is there a possibility to do this kind of analysis and manipulations in ANSYS Workbench Static Structural?


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    You can get nodal coordinates in a number of ways. APDL *GET command or *VEGT command can get the nodal coordinates. You can use APDL post processing to get nodal displacements for deformed conditions.

    I would also suggest DPF for nodal coordinates and displacements. There are DPF operators for both that can be used from mechanical.

    The default python results object inserted under the solution branch will have an example of the displacement operator for DPF. I would start with that as an example, and review other DPF trainings/posts available.