ANSYS MAPDL to convert RST results into VTK format

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Hello everyone, I am using the ANSYS MAPDL Python library to process the result file file.rst generated by ANSYS Workbench. I want to convert file.rst into VTK format and then render it using ParaView. Here is the code I'm using:

from ansys.mapdl import reader as pymapdl_reader

def convert(input_file, output_file):
    result = pymapdl_reader.read_binary(input_file)

if __name__ == '__main__':
    convert("./file.rst", "./file.vtk")

the conversion process was successful, and it did not throw any exceptions.

However, when I opened the successfully converted file.vtk file with ParaView, I found that the displacement data was unusually large and appeared to be erroneous. The results are shown in the following image:

the contour data from the results calculated in ANSYS Workbench is as follows:

my calculation result file is as follows:

could you please help me figure out how to solve this problem? thank you.