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Dear Ansys Developper,
I am using Ansys Mechanical Scripting to automate my calcuations and it appears that I would like to be able to check if the resolution went well at the end of the solving process. Basically, check if no errors occured during the resolution process. Which command could I use to check if "everything is green" once the calculations are done ?

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  • Pernelle Marone-Hitz
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    Hello @PierreLCV ,
    One way to do this would be to check whether you have a green tick mark next to "Solution":

    You could check other objects in the tree in a similar manner as well.
    I also see two other options:

    • retrieve the messages in Mechanical and check for errors and warning messages:
    for message in ExtAPI.Application.Messages:
    • parse the solve.out file and check for warning and error messages
  • PierreLCV
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    Dear Pernelle,
    Thank you VERY MUCH for your reply, that's great ! The first option you offered me is satisfying :).

    Problem fixed !

    Best regards,