New search functionality for the Ansys dev portal

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Hello to our forum and portal users!

We are very excited to be on the verge of rolling out our new unified search for the Ansys Developer Portal and Forums. This search will bring together the documentation and articles from the dev portal and posts and information on the forum into a new single search. Over time we will be expanding the search functionality to cover more Ansys information repositories as well to give you access to as much documentation and information as possible through a single pane of glass.

The new search does look very different from the search you have used up to now, so it was important to us to make sure you knew what to expect from this rollout before we went live.

The new search engine is powered by our partner SearchStax, and when you perform a search on the portal or forum, you will see this page:

Over time we will be working on customizing this page to look more like the existing Ansys pages, but we did not want to delay getting the functionality rolled out in favor of a long design process. The look and feel might change some, but the functionality will be the same.

Some things that should help make your search much easier and more effective:

On the left you can filter by tags and source site (currently the dev portal or forum), as well as by a list of meta-tags that all of our content in both sites share:

You can also change the sorting order, from the most relevant to the most recent, by using the “Sort By” field on the right side of the page.

The search index is much more detailed than the built-in searches that were available before and the ability to extend the sources it covers means we will be able to provide additional information in the same search.

Last, but not least, there is a direct feedback button above the search bar:

If you have feedback about the new search, please do not hesitate to let us know either through the feedback or via a post on this thread in the forum.

Thanks, and happy searching!

-The Ansys Developer Team