How to include both an RBE3 command and CE commands in a cdb for use in ANSYS Mechanical

Caroline Poyser
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I would like to write a model containing rigid and distributing couplings to a cdb file for use in mechanical APDL. Previously the distributing couplings where defined using an RBE3 command and the rigid couplings were defined using a CERIG command. This produced the expected results. However we have found that if the CERIG command is replaced with equivalent CE commands the RBE3 command no longer seems to work and the distributing coupling is missing from the analysis. I can't see anything in the documentation which suggests that RBE3 and CE commands can not be used together. Does anybody know why this might be the case?
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  • ryandhodge
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    I have not encountered this exact scenario, but I would try re-ordering the terms in the CE command or look into using the CP command if it accomplishes what you want.