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Hi everyone,

I'm working on meshing an AUV geometry in Ansys Workbench and facing issues with generating a quality mesh. The geometry includes a main body, 2 rudders, 2 horizontal stern posts, 2 wings for buoyancy, and a propeller.

I've tried the following steps:

  • Split the geometry into logical sections.
  • Applied meshing controls individually.
  • Adjusted element sizes and inflation layers.

However, I still receive errors about intersecting surfaces and poor mesh quality.

I've attached screenshots and the geometry file for reference.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



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    Hello, this forum is dedicated to scripting questions. For any other questions, please use the Innovation Space Forum: (be aware that Ansys empl. are not allowed to download any attached files in the forum), or contact your local Ansys support provider.