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In an existing Ansys Electronic Desktop project, I have defined a list of variables (Design Properties > Local Variales). I want to export the variables and the values, so I can reuse them in a Python script with AEDTLib. How can I do that?


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    Open the IronPython command window from Tools > Open Command Window.

    p = oDesktop.GetActiveProject()
    d = p.GetActiveDesign()
    vars = d.GetVariables()
    for v in vars:
      print (v, d.GetVariableValue(v))

    This should list all defined local variables like this:

    ('Stator_OD', '1800mm')
    ('Rotor_OD', '1510mm')
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    With PyAEDT, you can access this data with the variable_manager:

    aedtapp = Hfss()