Solutions Developer Community of Practice


Our mission is to support the Ansys Solutions initiative. We believe that one of the key success factors is the establishment of a Community of Practice (CoP). The Ansys Solutions Community of Practice is intended to be the place where Solution Developers (SA dev), Shared Technology Component Developers (STC dev), Solutions Empowerment Team (DevOps) and Solutions Enablement Team can meet.

We believe that this community will benefit to all the stakeholders of the Solutions organization:

  • Solution Developers can meet and share their experiences and knowledge in a sustainable and scalable manner. This collaborative workspace aims at bringing to light the convergence of Solution developers needs and from there identify the “most wanted” STCs features.
  • Shared Technology Components Developers can discuss with Solution Developers and better understand their needs and pains. Source Developers can take advantage of events to present their development roadmap and to show case advanced STC features.
  • Solutions Enablement Team to show case early implementation of new STCs features and to update the community with any change that might impact the way to create a solution.

The Ansys Solutions Community of Practice is aimed, with regard to solution creation, to be the central place for problem-solving, request for and sharing information, seeking experience, identifying reusable assets, coordination and synergy. It is also designed to be an environment favorable to the emergence of Solutions Champions who will in return support the Solution builders across Ansys, promote the STCs, and spread out their knowledge and experience for the creation of solutions.

This community is closed for the time being and is accessible only by invited Ansys employees.

Welcome in this collaborative space 🚀!

Any suggestion?

Visit our Suggestion Box to submit ideas, enhancements or to bring up a topic to an event's agenda ✨!

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