Ansys License issue

pranay_saumag Member Posts: 1
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Our IT department tried to install Ansys several times. Here are the errors:

Attempt 1) Once I launch the workbench on my desktop it waits almost 20 min then shows a message "Connection timed out while reading data. The application has stopped waiting for a reply. The license server may be experiencing a high demand or a temporary outage. Try again later". However, workbench launches just fine in other lab computers.

Attempt 2) The work bench opened after say 20 mins. Then I tried to create geometry in a fluent workflow. Then the error shows to be "Failover feature 'ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler is not avaiable. FLEXm server is not responding. Resource temporarily not avaialble"

I tried to run ansys in other lab computers (installed ansys a couple of years ago) and it just works fine there.

Based on the above information, please suggest how to address the issues.