Pass a value from SpaceClaim to be used within Expressions in Setup?

Bobin John
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I have a fin model (parameterized). I would like to get its fin area in spaceclaim and be used in expressions. Is this possible? Since each time a new fin is created the surface area will be different, and this new surface area needs to be used in the expression in the Setup.



  • romanwalsh
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    Hi Bobin,

    In SpaceClaim an area or volume can be used to drive a parameter. The workflow is a little convoluted in SpaceClaim but we've made this much simpler within Discovery. If you click the parameter button in the top image you can then select a second entity that you'd like to measure. In the bottom image you'll notice I'm going to pull the top face and control the area of the side face. I hope this is helpful.


  • Bobin John
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    I have a model created in SpaceClaim (which can change based on the parametric inputs). So the surface area would change for the object as the dimensions change. I wanted to find the surface area of the object for an equation in Fluent. Is there a way for this to be done?

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    @AKD-Scripting-Team could someone help here? Many thanks