APDL solve exit command?


I manage a custom creep module linked in via usercreep.F It currently includes functionality to stop a solution when a creep limit value is reached via the erhandler function. However I gotten requests to see if it is possible to exit without error so that post processing commands are run. I tried the systop subroutine, but that seems to completely stop Ansys as well. Any out of the box command options is fine, but didn't find anything. Any ideas on how this could be done?




  • Abel Ramos
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    Hello Chris,

    Would it work in your case to change the severity level of erhandler from 3(error) to 2(warning)?

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  • ChrisC
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    I believe that will only write a warning to the out file, but the job will continue to run? Was hoping to find a way to trigger a non-error stop of a solve.