How to get the parts with failed Mesh?

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How to get the parts with failed Mesh in Mechanical/Ansys Ls-dyna?

Originally I tried to identify the part with 0 element as failed mesh part, it works the case starting with no mesh condition.

Unfortunately in some cases all mesh are completed (mesh ObjectState is Solved), and for better quality purpose modified the mesh controls' parameters then re-generate mesh but got failed mesh for some parts (like attached PNG). In this condition, the element number for the failed-mesh part is not 0, but is shown with the element numbers from the original solved mesh result.

So, tried to get a way to exactly get the parts with failed Mesh instead of the part with 0 element.


  • Pernelle Marone-Hitz
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    Hi @Louis ,

    This is related to, you could have used the same post.

    When changing the mesh settings in Mechanical, it is always recommended to clear the mesh and before regenerating it:

    This way instead of modifying an existing mesh, the mesher really starts from scratch again. If you do not perform this clear action, as you've experienced, the data in the Mechanical UI and in the scripting API for the mesh remains the old data.

    To resolve the issue you're facing, please use ExtAPI.DataModel.Project.Model.Mesh.ClearGeneratedData()before meshing again. This way the script I shared before will return the bodies on which the mesh has failed.

  • Louis
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    Thanks for the advice.