Is there a way to set up a virtual Environment for VSCode ?


Hello Developers,
I just started working with ACT Scripting in Mechanical. I have been doing all my programming projects with Microsoft VSCode for years now, thus I am searching for a workflow that would allow me to use the full potential of VSCode like Syntax Checking and Intellisense. Since VSCode does not know anything about the Environment present in the Mechanical Scripting Console, I think that I would have to set up a virtual Environment for VSCode in order to make the ANSYS Objects like ExtAPI known to VSCode. Is there any workflow that I can follow to set up such a virtual Environment for VSCode ?


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    @AKD-Scripting-Team might have suggestions. I also know that several of the PyAnsys teams have been working on plug-ins for VSCode to help with this, but I believe only Fluent is close to release so it may be a while yet before there is a solution to this for you, @klaus schoenborn