Scripting surfaces in SpaceClaim 2023 R2 getting slow


I wrote a script for creating a geometry of beams and surfaces in space claim 2021 R1. Now I'm testing it in 2023 R2 and I am getting several problems:
-The script is 10x slower and it seems that the surfaces are the problem.
-sometimes lines are not solidified and are not converted into beams, it seems to happen randomly
Have anyone incurred in the same problems?



  • Mike.Thompson
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    Can you provide snippets of how you create the surfaces and lines? There are multiple ways to do this so knowing what API calls you use would help a lot.
    Also are you saying you get different speeds and results when running the exact same scripts multiple times?

  • Pernelle Marone-Hitz
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    @Gabriel Messager do you have an idea here?

  • riccardoPD
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    Hello Mike,
    I really appreciate your help and excuse in advance for my inexperience
    This is the snippet I use for creating surfaces:
    point1 = Point2D.Create(MM(xP1),MM(yP1))
    point2 = Point2D.Create(MM(xP2),MM(yP2))
    point3 = Point2D.Create(MM(xP3),MM(yP3))
    result = SketchRectangle.Create(point1, point2, point3)
    I create a series of rectangles in this way in a for loop, moving the sketch plane in every iteration. Then:

    Solidify Sketch

    mode = InteractionMode.Solid
    result = ViewHelper.SetViewMode(mode)


    This operation works fine in SC 2021 R1, but it's very slow in 2023 R2.

    For the second issue:
    I create in for loop a line segmented in different "sublines" (number of "sublines"=cont), then I select them to be converted in beams, through this selection method:

    curves=all_curves[-cont:] #curves to be converted in beams
    selection_curve = Selection.Create(curves)

    I think the problem could lie here:
    This is still an hypothesis that I have to check, but it could be that in 2023 the order of curves is not coherent with the creation order and so I fail to select them correctly.