Is there an open-source Python module to read AEDT files?


Hi, I do not have an HFSS license but some of my colleagues do. Sometimes they will mail me AEDT file so that I can review the geometry, and it is frustrating not to be able to read them. I thought PyAnsys could help but it requires a license. I see the top part of each AEDT files is self-explanatory text. Does not seem incredibly difficult to have python read that text and make an open-source geometry description of some kind. Has this already been done???

I know. There is no reason for my colleagues to not mail me CAD file, instead of just mailing me the "raw" AEDT. But you know Engineers, they are lazy :)

Thanks, John


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    Thanks for the query..! There is no open-source Python Module that read AEDT file.